Thursday, November 1, 2007


Welcome to the Northwest Shum's Halloween wedding. Christine and I decided to get married on Halloween and dressed accordingly for the occasion. Grace dressed up like a Gothic Fairy and looked great. Christine and I decided at the last minute to dress this way and everybody who saw us loved our costumes. Andy stayed on the front porch motionless and when Trick or Treader's walk up to the front door he would sit really still and scare the kids coming to the door and then when Christine answered the door they got another fright with her costume. We only made 3 kids cry. We had this little girl come to the door and she looked like she saw a ghost, her eyes were fixed on Andy and forgot to say trick or treat. I thought she was going to scream, but she was just frozen when she saw both of us. I don't think she will ever come around to our house again.

We had such a great time last night, we had about 12 pumpkins that we had carved on the porch. And not one of them got smashed last night. Probaly because Andy would tell all the older kids who came to our house that he knew them from the high school and middle school, and that he would come find them. So I guess working with the schools really helps.

Check out all the pictures, gotta love Christine's costume she looked great. Grace went trick or treating with some of her friends and had a blast.